Yay T-Shirts!!! (Squickerwonkers and Advanced Placement)

So I got these tees within the last few weeks XD


I had totally forgotten that I was getting this shirt! I had donated some money a while back for a program that gets kids new books (First Book), which is always a good thing. I’m all for education and kids. Anyways, you get this t-shirt and an autographed headshot of Evangeline Lilly. *sigh* She’s so beautiful. I wish I could barely pass as cute, hahaha. Anyway, I love the design and illustration of Squickerwonkers. I’ve always wanted to illustrate a kids’ book 🙂


I got this tee from Represent. It kinda depicts my favorite Kevin Tran moment in Supernatural (and probably one of my top 25 moments in Supernatural). Proceeds went to Random Acts which is another program I love. It’s simple, yet very meaningful. The world can always use more random acts of kindness than not.

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