Crafty Craft: Jewelry Dish and Light-Up Marquee Letter/Symbol

So my friend and I felt like doing something crafty, lol.


In all honesty, anyone can do this becausseeeeee –> it’s a kit! Tah-dah! Lmao. You can get it at the Michael’s Craft Store and set it up yourself. It comes with a plain white letter or symbol that you can decorate with paint, ribbons, textured/patterned paper, and etc. I painted mine with some acrylic paint. The kit also comes with a string of lights and bulb caps. It’s great when you don’t have the time or patience for cutting out a template lol. It’s fun and that’s all that matters 🙂

I found this pin on Pinterest (the pic on the left) and decided to make my friends these little jewelry dishes for a side xmas treat/gift. I made one for myself too (the pic on the right). Now, it was my FIRST time trying this so it turned out funky, but NOW I know how to do it to make it prettier! All it takes is practice and patience and a lot of trial and error XD.

For the bowls, you just need a lot of clay, some glaze, maybe some gold paint for the trim, and an oven. It’s another fun little project to do 🙂

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