Katsucon 2015 Haul, Loot, and Booty


  1. Cat Poro
    I’ve always wanted a poro! This was the only cute one I could find lol.
  2. TARDIS Mini Top Hat
    I can wear it with my Doctor Who outfit XD
  3. Black Foam Wings
    I got this from Yaya Han‘s booth. I thought it’ll go great if I want to dress up as Castiel lol.


  1. Sheep, Llama, and Rabbit
    Hahaha. I’ve been hearing about these Amuse stuffed animals everywhere and I got to buy some lol! Sho cute! (CutiePieKawaii)
  2. Teemo’s Mushroom and Vi Figure
    From Level Up Studios. I wanted a nice Jinx figure, but no one’s released one that I like yet! I used to play Vi a lot. A couple of my first characters were Sivir, Sejuani, Caitlyn, and Vi.

I also got artwork from Missy Pena. I love the pokemon/classic art mashups XD

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