Supernatural Reactions: Paint It Black (S10E16)

Is the guy going to kill someone? Himself? Okay, he’s gutting himself…with a candlestick.

Gah, I love how sassy Rowena is, but why does Crowley take everything she says to heart? Especially considering she was a pretty crappy mother haha.

Yeah, there must be something up with that nun. She’s weird. Kinda creepy.

I wonder what’s up with Sam. Dean is concentrating on cases, while Sam is just rolling his eyes. I guess he wants Dean to worry about the mark first and foremost, not cases. I really don’t know what they’ll do about the mark at this point, with Cain dead and all. What could possibly be the solution?

What the hell is zooming into people’s bodies??? Oh, I thought the wife was going to kill the husband lol. Oh, no, she is! Scissors!! Is she going to kill herself too? Nope. Ew, what is that ghosty thing?

Creepy nun is back…She’s the perp. She’s gotta be! Lol. Her supposedly innocent act sucks hahaha.

HA! She’s looking for a mission! I guess she found a mission in killing all the sinners who come to that church!

Speaking of confessions, I don’t like it. It makes me feel like the worst person in the world lol.

Ooo, witch cat fight lol. I wonder who was Crowley’s father. I would like to know more about is parents’ relationship if it had caused such a rift between Rowena and the coven.

Why is Creepy nun so curious about the other nun’s Pierro fella?

Wait wait. Is this Mona Lisa???? The room and setting looks old…This is old timey Italy!!! What the hell!?

Is that Italian nun a ghost? Does her journal need to be salted and burned?

Them? Them who? Who is the high priestess talking about…is it related to the Winchesters? Haha—HA! I was right! Men of Letters!! HAHA!

Ooo is Dean going to ask about the mark to the priest? Lol. Aw, does he think he’s going to die soon? TT__TT I really wish that Dean and Sam would grow old and die at an old age, but living the life they live…I don’t know if that would happen. Oh my god, what if God comes back? What if Chuck comes back? LOL

OH, god! It’s the Italian nun!!! Wait, why is she possessing the priest?

Hahaha I don’t know why I’m laughing about Isabella killing Pierro. In all honesty, she just should’ve accepted that he didn’t want her the way she wanted him. However, I still think Pierro was a bit scummy lol.

Gah, so the Creepy nun was hiding Isabella from the Winchesters? DON’T hide things from the Winchesters! That should be a saying haha! If the journal isn’t the thing that is tethering Isabella, maybe the painting still exists somewhere, hm?

What is Rowena trying to find out? Rowena’s going after the Winchesters, isn’t she? Aha, yup, there you go. It’s ALWAYS the Winchesters. Hm….how’s Rowena gonna kill Olivete? Oh, Rowena is going crazy…What’d she do to Olivete??? Damn, scene change.

They’re going to find the painting, aren’t they. Ew! Her finger! Man, she was crazy! Isabella had issues! What the fudge is wrong with her! Cut her finger to put in a painting??? Ew!

Oh, no, Isabella possessed the nun and is trying to kill Dean. Sam! Find the painting and burn it!! Burn it!!!

Hopefully, Creepy nun learned a lesson and she’ll be more careful about dealing with spirits.

Just saw a weird Chevrolet commercial that had stripper firefighters lol.

Oh! Rowena changed Olivete into a pet hamster hahaha.

Ooo, the Winchester in one of their famous brotherly talk moments in the front seat of the Impala.

Pretty okay episode over all.

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