Watching Right Now: Felicia Day

Felicia Day Youtube Channel

So I’ve known about Felicia Day for a while (Dr. Horrible and Supernatural, of course XD). But I didn’t know she had all these other things, like her own channel, a twitch account, and a bunch of other stuff.


Then I watched her on some Supernatural con panels and I just love her personality haha. I definitely want to try to play all the games that she played. I’m not much for gaming, but I might even open a twitch account!

Anyways, I think she’s hilarious and I’m going to try to catch her streams, watch her web series, and uploads.

11 thoughts on “Watching Right Now: Felicia Day

    • GeekOutGirl says:

      Yup, she’s not on often due to her being busy with her book and other stuff, but it’s fun to watch her play games every now and then lol 🙂

        • GeekOutGirl says:

          I am subscribed to him, but I haven’t checked it out fully yet. I’ll try to do so when I have time. Are you or have you signed up for GISHWHES? 🙂

          • GeekOutGirl says:

            Yes, it’s the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. Lol. It’s worldwide. I’ve never done it, but I’m very tempted to try this year….but it just seems so crazy! I looked up an old list of task for 2014 and I just can’t imagine being able to do some of it haha.

          • GeekOutGirl says:

            The duration is August 1st-August 8th and the last day to register is July 20th, I think.
            It just seems so overwhelming. That’s why I’m on the fence about it, haha. Between school and work, there’s not much time for stuff 🙂

          • wrencollins says:

            Sounds great actually. I might register.
            Between school and work? What year are you in? I just finished Y11, so now I have a three-month holiday lol 🙂

          • GeekOutGirl says:

            I’m actually taking online courses in animation. It sounds fun–and, well, it is–but it’s also a loooot of work (20hrs per week). For most of my homework, I’ve actually used a couple sound bites from my fave shows. I’ve used Doctor Who and Spn so far, lol. I work fulltime so I haven’t had a three-month holiday in a long time! I miss those hahaha. If I had them now, I’d wanna travel everywhere.

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