Doctor Who Series 9 Trailer

Wow, this was creepy.

Why are so many trailers for the 12th doctor creepy?

Okay, so my first thought on this was why the hell are there so many creepy horror movie monster rejects in this episode?

Was this a trailer for the series premiere episode or for the whole series 9?

Anyways, yes, this was a creepy trailer. The beginning of the trailer’s song really, really reminded me of Thunderstruck from AC/DC. And I feel like the only big thing to come out of the trailer is the appearance of Arya Stark at the end. I’ve never even read or watched Game of Thrones–I’m quite adamant about not doing so–but I will admit that she is my least disliked character of that series, haha. Back to the point, I feel like they’re making her cameo the whole draw or appeal for series 9. Seriously? I’m sure she’s a nice girl and her plot will be hella awesome, but I’m gonna need more than that to be excited for series 9, BBC. Please release more stuff to hook me in 🙂

Is anyone curious about Missy? I thought she was dead, but I guess the Master/Mistress never really dies. This trailer kinda made it seem like she was going to be a semi-companion. The way she stood by Clara made it look that way. I don’t quite like that idea though because she’s the MASTER. She’s supposed to be the enemy of the Doctor, right? Or a very delusional, evil old comrade of the Doctor…

Welp, I’ll be waiting for series 9 to come out this September!


What happened to Danny? Will he be coming back? That was such a sad storyline.
Also, I heard that they were going to try to make the Doctor funnier? Which is kind of a weird thing to do. Haven’t you already established the Doctor and his persona in series 8? Going back and trying to change him now seems cheap and very weak….just saying….Also, he wasn’t unfunny, so what are they trying to do exactly?

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  1. James says:

    Loved it! The music was a great addition and the cinematography looked fantastic. Seemed almost like a film rather than a TV series 😀 Can’t wait!

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