Don’t Starve

Okay, so I’ve been seeing this game all over the place for a long while now so I decided to sign up for Steam JUST to try it and other games I might find fun. I’m in no way a gamer, of course, but if the game is cute or fun-looking, I wanna try it.

Anyways, Don’t Starve is a game by Klei Entertainment. I like that it was made by an indie company, just because I think it’s cool when good things happen to the little guys of the big corporate world.

Don’t Starve is basically that. Don’t starve. You start off as a character who may have been kidnapped by some weirdo and dropped in the middle of some creepy land filled with all sorts of creatures that want to kill you. The monsters range from walking eyeballs, werepigs, spiders, and more. You’ll even deal with the monsters you see in your head…oooooo. All the while, you should be trying to not die by using your survival skills. You’ll be making outfits using grass, assembling weapons and tools, setting traps for game, and foraging for food.

It’s a very repetitive game that lasts until you die…I think. I don’t know if there’s a way to win this game yet because I keep dying by the stupidest things hahaha. You can play alone or play with people from the internet, depending on the game you buy. The animation and the design of the game is very charming. I love this style of art 🙂

Give it a try, if you get the chance. I’ll try to play it when I can, but I have two strikes against me: a sucky laptop computer and unreliable internet. *sigh* Oh, if only I had all the money in the world………..lmao, I’d probably donate to worthy charities first and buy a house and take care of family–BUT after all that, a kickass, powerful desktop and faster-than-Flash-and-Superman-combined internet. 😉 Yup, yup, that’s the dream………….LMFAO hahahaha. I amuse myself.

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