So I went to see Ant-Man last week. I wasn’t all too sure what to expect because I didn’t know Ant-Man very well. I knew that he was the founder of the Avengers–although, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he isn’t–and that his powers had to do with shrinking and ants and that I think he was abusive and he was married to the Wasp. Other than that, I don’t know all too much about him. I was glad that this movie wasn’t about the original guy (Hank Pym) though and was a Scott Lang. Though that does make sense if you are thinking in terms of timelines.

Anyways, here’s a list of some of my thoughts (SPOILERS):

  • -There were a lot of Avenger mentions: like Iron man and dropping cities from the sky and the building from the second Avengers movie, and the Falcon! Also, Howard Stark and Agent Carter made appearances.
  •  Scott’s friend, Luis, is hilarious. I love his story-telling style haha.
  • There’s this concept about Ant-Man that I don’t really get. I mean, Scott had his favorite ant, Anthony. But, honestly, these ants are treated as expendable, aren’t they?
  • I think my favorite ants were the crazy ants.
  • I loved the Falcon fight scene. It was very funny hahaha.
  • The father-daughter relationships were kind of awkwardly placed.
  • Though it was short, I did like the appearance of the Wasp.
  • Oh, and there was kind of a hint of a mention of Spiderman (they were talking about people who crawled up walls).
  • I was totally surprised at the first end credit where Hank passed down the Wasp costume to Hope. I hope that means we see Evangeline Lilly more in future movies. I like her.
  • The last end credit scene surprised me, but didn’t surprise me. I actually had seen some gifs of it on tumblr–P.S. always be on the lookout for spoilers on tumblr. Anyways, I didn’t quite get what was going on in this end credit. I’ll have to look into later on. All I know is that we’ve found Bucky and I guess we’re gonna do something to him or with him.

A lot of the movie was a bit predictable, such as how I totally guessed that Hank let Scott rob him by passing down the information through the chain, but it was funny and full of action. I was hoping Scott would be invited to the Avengers, but then I realized that the whole Civil War thing is kind of screwing things at the moment, lol.

Now, I can’t wait to see more Marvel movies. Let’s go!

It’s very hard for me to see Paul Rudd as anyone other than Mike Crapbag lmao.

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    • GeekOutGirl says:

      Thank you sooooo much for this!! I am soooo sorry for not seeing it sooner! Seriously, I’m so sorry. Is it too late to write up a blog for it?

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