Artsy Fartsy Session: Goofy Jensen and Jared

Just a challenge I participated in to try to get me back into drawing XD

I’ve never actually done a color challenge before so I don’t know if I did it correctly lmao. It was fun either way. I’ll have to do more of these sessions when I get the chance. Though, I need a new computer because my baby laptop is dying from all the heavy 3D and art programs I’ve been using for the last few years….heehee


Artsy Fartsy Session: Cas V. Crowley

I didn’t this a few weeks ago to celebrate SPN Season 11 XD

I kind of like the sketchy style I used for the little characters. I might use it again in the future, especially for simple and quick little projects like this. 🙂


Crafty Craft: DIY Cloud Light

So for my birthday, my friends and I tried out this Pinterest DIY project find 🙂


It’s fairly simple. You hot glue a bunch of cotton stuffing on white paper lanterns, stick an LED light in the lantern, hang it up, and VOILA!

LMAO, shaping the puffs of clouds are hard though. The stuffing was very loose and hard to keep static.

Here’s how mine turned out:

IMG_3725 IMG_3730

It’s not perfect, but I like it XD. I might add something to dangle from the bottom 🙂

Crafty Craft: Jewelry Dish and Light-Up Marquee Letter/Symbol

So my friend and I felt like doing something crafty, lol.


In all honesty, anyone can do this becausseeeeee –> it’s a kit! Tah-dah! Lmao. You can get it at the Michael’s Craft Store and set it up yourself. It comes with a plain white letter or symbol that you can decorate with paint, ribbons, textured/patterned paper, and etc. I painted mine with some acrylic paint. The kit also comes with a string of lights and bulb caps. It’s great when you don’t have the time or patience for cutting out a template lol. It’s fun and that’s all that matters 🙂

I found this pin on Pinterest (the pic on the left) and decided to make my friends these little jewelry dishes for a side xmas treat/gift. I made one for myself too (the pic on the right). Now, it was my FIRST time trying this so it turned out funky, but NOW I know how to do it to make it prettier! All it takes is practice and patience and a lot of trial and error XD.

For the bowls, you just need a lot of clay, some glaze, maybe some gold paint for the trim, and an oven. It’s another fun little project to do 🙂

DIY Sip and Paint

Hahaha, I know normally you would take these “Sip and Paint” classes where you have a paint instructor and paint something while sipping wine. HOWEVER, all the classes I saw were either too far away, too expensive, or I just didn’t like the painting sample they had.

So my friend and I just got together ourselves and painted and drank wine ourselves.

I don’t think it turned out that badly. I used acrylics and a stretch canvas, all of which I already had (I love to hoard art supplies, mwuahahaha). We painted a total of five paintings, but the one shown was my favorite of the ones I did. I gave it to my mum 😀

DIY Sip and Paint - Jan 2015