Etsy Find: Marvel Comic Book Dress

My Marvel Comic Dress

Please excuse the mess in the bkgd! (‘>_<) I need to organize XD

So I got this dress a while back and, since it’s getting to be summer con season again, I’m going to be wearing it out soon to cons XDDD. I’m wearing a petticoat underneath in the pic. I don’t think I like it with the petticoat, but it’s an option 🙂 This dress will be good during the hot months XD

It’s from an Etsy store found at this link:

It’s a custom fit so it fits pretty nicely. The store has a bunch of other dresses with different patterns so go check it out if you’d like a geeky dress 🙂

Clothes Shopping: DressLink and SheInside

So i had some extra money and bought a few things for myself so expect a pretty girly post lmao.



First impression when I got these in the mail? Cheap, smelly clothes. You get what you pay for and these clothes are really, really, really cheap and really, really, really smelly.

  1. Navy, white, and red bathing suit – The fit is really off even though I measured myself. But it’s okay. I like the style. Don’t get if you have big boobs lol. Fortunately (or unfortunately), I don’t have that problem.
  2. Grey scarf – You can’t really go wrong with a scarf. It was a bit thin. I thought it’d be fat and fluffy, but it’s okay.
  3. Navy shirtdress – The dress is good, but the belt is bad. Throw away the belt lol. It’s good that I have my own skinny belts already.
  4. Polkadot/Black dress – The style always looks cute on models lol. On me? Not so much hahaha. Also, the top part of the dress was weirdly old yellow and not white. I wish it was white.
  5. White tank with lace – This is definitely not the shirt that was on the website, but it’s fine.
  6. Pink shorts – Seriously! I measured myself perfectly! These shorts don’t fit. I’m a size 2 in the US, but I guess I’m too fat by Asian standards lol. It’s also see through.
  7. Patterned leggings – You have to be stick skinny to fit these, lol.
  8. White lace shorts – Same as the pink shorts. Too small and see through.
  9. Heart pattern skirt – These are really yellowy. I wish it was whiter like in the advertised picture.
  10. Red oversized sweater – Fits weird and it’s heavy for some reason.
  11. Black purse – Very very very very very smelly hahaha.
  12. Necklace – I love this necklace. I accidentally put it in the DressLink picture, but it’s actually from SheInside hahaha.

Overall, DressLink is okay. You get what you pay for. The stuff’s really cheap and made very cheap with cheap materials. The products smell. Probably from the factory. It’s not too bad, but I’m not going to buy anything from this place again.



I pretty much loved all the clothes I got from this site. It’s not as cheap as DressLink, but the quality is better. Not the best quality, but better.

  1. Plaid scarf – I love this scarf. So big I can wrap around my shoulders. I’ll be bringing this on the airplanes to use as a scarf or as a blankie lol.
  2. Oversized beige cardigan – So big and fluffy. I’ve been wanting one for a while to go with all my clothes lol.
  3. Lace over shirt – Very delicate and nice. I love these things because I have a lot of tops that expose my shoulders and sometimes you just need some cover.
  4. Pink/beige dress – So cute. I love it. A bit short, but I have short legs so I need a shorter skirt lol.
  5. Black turtleneck with shoulder cutouts – It is what it is hahaha. I like it.
  6. Navy polkadot dress – I love this dress, but the only thing I hate is that it’s so staticky!! It keeps sticking to my butt and thighs! Maybe because it’s winter….I’ll wait for warmer whether to see more about the static situation lol.
  7. White shirt – Very delicate. I can wear it with skirts or anything really.
  8. Striped crop top – I usually don’t wear crop tops because I hate showing my belly — I need to start a regimen for toning my tummy lol — but this top fits nice and I really like it 🙂

Overall, I like SheInside and will probably buy more stuff from them in the future.

Just like with any other online store though, make sure you measure yourself correctly before buying clothes.

Yay T-Shirts!!! (Squickerwonkers and Advanced Placement)

So I got these tees within the last few weeks XD


I had totally forgotten that I was getting this shirt! I had donated some money a while back for a program that gets kids new books (First Book), which is always a good thing. I’m all for education and kids. Anyways, you get this t-shirt and an autographed headshot of Evangeline Lilly. *sigh* She’s so beautiful. I wish I could barely pass as cute, hahaha. Anyway, I love the design and illustration of Squickerwonkers. I’ve always wanted to illustrate a kids’ book 🙂


I got this tee from Represent. It kinda depicts my favorite Kevin Tran moment in Supernatural (and probably one of my top 25 moments in Supernatural). Proceeds went to Random Acts which is another program I love. It’s simple, yet very meaningful. The world can always use more random acts of kindness than not.