Cosplay-Refs on Tumblr

I love this tumblr blog. They’re pretty well-researched and you can send them a request if you don’t see your fandom or the character you want to cosplay 🙂

I have Dean Winchester as an example below:


Plenty of images of different pieces of clothes and accessories.


And texts about the outfits and links to where you can buy some replicas XD

I used this site to start my research for a Hogwarts student uniform. You should always do more research than just looking at one website, but this one if a good one to start with 😀

Hobbit Cosplay 2015

These are all the pieces to my pretty simple hobbit cosplay.


This was such a beautiful dress! And it is SO well made. It was pretty costly, but it was well worth it. I commissioned it from Brielle from her website:

Pictures seriously do not do this dress justice. The colors are pretty and the fabrics are really nice quality.


The pipe I got from this store. It’s pretty simple, but I like it and it served it’s purpose. They have many other designs too at their store:

I used the hobbit ears that I bought from Katsucon. It’s so funny because I had seen their store on Etsy ( and had faved them, but hadn’t bought anything from them until I saw them at Katsucon, lol. I didn’t even recognize that it was the same store, silly me haha.

I got the flower crown from this store:

Another thing I had was my brown/green canvas backpack which I think goes with the LOTR theme and time period very well.


I wasn’t able to bring this cloak to HobbitCon in Germany because both the dress and the cloak would have taken up waaaaaaayyyy to much luggage space, but it’s still worth a mention because what’s a hobbit without his/her cloak? Lol. The fabric of this cloak is pretty thin, but I do like the color. Check it out from their Etsy store:

As the time goes by, I’ll probably add some more stuff to my hobbit outfit. I definitely know I want to add a leather belt with a sheath so I can have a sword and maybe some potion bottles and leather pouches lol. Also, I want leather gloves. I have mixed emotions about either making invisible shoes or getting bigfoot feet though lol. Bigfoot feet like these from


I will also be contemplating on putting together a LOTR ranger woman outfit 🙂 or an elven cosplay. I just wish I was elegant enough to even pretend to be an elf lmfao.

Katsucon 2015

So I went to the National Harbor on Thursday to go pick up my badge from pre-registration and, boy, am I glad I did! It was about an hour long wait, but when I came back on Friday, I heard that the wait was nearly 4-5 hours long! I have nooooooo idea why! I was just so glad I got my badge earlier. Lesson learned.

Also another lesson learned? Get a hotel room even if you only live like a thirty minute drive away. It was horrible having to get up every morning, drive, find parking, and then navigate the con. I like the idea of getting dressed up and just going downstairs, lol. Maybe I’m just lazy. But it’s also because I can’t cosplay at home and drive. I get too many questions and stares.

I did manage to dress up in some Doctor Who (10th Doctor) stuff for one day. I love my shoes and tie! And of course my sonic screwdriver! I did get fitted for hobbit ears at the merchant hall. it didn’t go with my Doctor Who clothes, but I didn’t care! I love my ears! My ears are small so it was just great having someone show me how to modify them and glue them on to fit correctly.

Of course, the cosplays are always great. I love to people watch. I have a somewhat nice DSLR camera so people always ask if I have a website or something. No, I’m not a photographer. Not even a wannabe. I just like taking pics with my DSLR.

(Cosplayers: Bumblebee/???, Elsa/Dejavudea, Anna/???, Thranduil/Rattle-and-Burn, Legolas/Peppermonster, Tinkerbell/???, Mahouprince, Tooth Fairy/???, Jinx/Emzie)

Okay, I’ll admit it. That monster looks really, really, really familiar to me, but I can’t remember from where!! LOL!!!

The Chalk Twins were there and it was my first time seeing them. It’s amazing what they can do with chalk. I never really work with chalk or pastels or charcoals much. Lol, probably because I don’t want to clean up afterwards.

I saw a bunch of Castiels when I was leaving XD Supernatural peeps! I can’t wait for the Salute to Supernatural convention in July XD

Anyways, Katsucon was great. I’m definitely going to get a room next time so I can enjoy it better!