2015 Free Comic Book Day Loot



I’m trying to catch up with SpiderGwen. I’m REALLY interested in her story at the moment. So far I’ve only read the first issue and it was only “meh”. I hope it gets better with an interesting plot. I really love her costume. I’m going to try to cosplay her for Awesome Con 🙂 I’ll try . I dont really have that much of an athletic body 🙁

I also got a Thor comic. I’ve seen PepperMonster’s cosplay of her all the time and I got curious about Thor now that Thor is a woman. I wanna know what’s the story.

And I got Doctor Who because why not? I love Doctor Who lol.

I also entered a raffle at the comic book store. Actually, I entered a bunch of raffles this FCBD weekend. Hopefully, I win something XD

THIS was my favorite buy of the weekend and probably my fave buy of the year so far!!!

HarleyQuinnBWStatue1 HarleyQuinnBWStatue2

I loooooove this Harley Quinn statue. And I loooooove this classic design. I just love staring at it in wonderment lmao!

I’ll be attmepting a Harley QUinn cosplay some time this year. Hopefully, it turns out okay *fingers crossed*

What did you all get for Free Comic Book Day?

April 2015 Loot Crate

I like to get these every now and then XD It’s like a mini Christmas lol.

This month’s theme is Fantasy so I just haaaad to reactivate my account. I love the fantasy genre. Although, I have to admit, I was really hoping that there wasn’t any Game of Thrones-related merch in it.



The first thing I noticed? The Princess Bride playing cards!!!! The Princess Bride is one of my favorite movies/books! Haha! There are images of characters on every face card. It’s great. And I love the design on the back of the cards. I should go back and rewatch the movie or reread the book 🙂

The next thing is the Game of Thrones USB drive. I do like the design. It’s 4gbs and it looks like a head is stick out of my computer lol. Another GoT item was a pack of magnets. I really don’t know what to do with them because I’m not really into the series, but c’est la vie lol.

There’s also a Dungeons and Dragons themed bow tie and all I can say is, “Bow ties are cool.” Hahaha. I’ve always wanted a bow tie. I’ll try wearing it some time. Oh, also got an inflatable crown! I like it lol. I think I’ll try wearing it for my birthday (coming up on Star Wars Day, btw 😉 haha).

Last, but not least, the dragon ampersand shirt and a Harry Potter 9 3/4 bag tag :). I wish I had the bag tag when I went on my London trip, lol. I’m such a Potterhead hahaha.


Overall, a good crate. I’ll wait to see whether or not I want next month’s theme.


Katsucon 2015 Haul, Loot, and Booty


  1. Cat Poro
    I’ve always wanted a poro! This was the only cute one I could find lol.
  2. TARDIS Mini Top Hat
    I can wear it with my Doctor Who outfit XD
  3. Black Foam Wings
    I got this from Yaya Han‘s booth. I thought it’ll go great if I want to dress up as Castiel lol.


  1. Sheep, Llama, and Rabbit
    Hahaha. I’ve been hearing about these Amuse stuffed animals everywhere and I got to buy some lol! Sho cute! (CutiePieKawaii)
  2. Teemo’s Mushroom and Vi Figure
    From Level Up Studios. I wanted a nice Jinx figure, but no one’s released one that I like yet! I used to play Vi a lot. A couple of my first characters were Sivir, Sejuani, Caitlyn, and Vi.

I also got artwork from Missy Pena. I love the pokemon/classic art mashups XD