Etsy Find: Marvel Comic Book Dress

My Marvel Comic Dress

Please excuse the mess in the bkgd! (‘>_<) I need to organize XD

So I got this dress a while back and, since it’s getting to be summer con season again, I’m going to be wearing it out soon to cons XDDD. I’m wearing a petticoat underneath in the pic. I don’t think I like it with the petticoat, but it’s an option 🙂 This dress will be good during the hot months XD

It’s from an Etsy store found at this link:

It’s a custom fit so it fits pretty nicely. The store has a bunch of other dresses with different patterns so go check it out if you’d like a geeky dress 🙂

2015 Free Comic Book Day Loot



I’m trying to catch up with SpiderGwen. I’m REALLY interested in her story at the moment. So far I’ve only read the first issue and it was only “meh”. I hope it gets better with an interesting plot. I really love her costume. I’m going to try to cosplay her for Awesome Con 🙂 I’ll try . I dont really have that much of an athletic body 🙁

I also got a Thor comic. I’ve seen PepperMonster’s cosplay of her all the time and I got curious about Thor now that Thor is a woman. I wanna know what’s the story.

And I got Doctor Who because why not? I love Doctor Who lol.

I also entered a raffle at the comic book store. Actually, I entered a bunch of raffles this FCBD weekend. Hopefully, I win something XD

THIS was my favorite buy of the weekend and probably my fave buy of the year so far!!!

HarleyQuinnBWStatue1 HarleyQuinnBWStatue2

I loooooove this Harley Quinn statue. And I loooooove this classic design. I just love staring at it in wonderment lmao!

I’ll be attmepting a Harley QUinn cosplay some time this year. Hopefully, it turns out okay *fingers crossed*

What did you all get for Free Comic Book Day?