Batman & Robin (1997) Reaction

One of the movies people make fun of for numerous reasons. I do understand why; however, when I watch this movie, I enjoyed it. I think it was over-the-top and overdramatic on purpose. Maybe it was trying to catch the quirkiness of the Adam West Batman and the comic book feel from the comics. I don’t know, but I did rewatch this movie this past weekend since I saw it on Netflix. Go check it out, if you’d like hahaha.

First thing I poked at about this movie when I was rewatching it with my friend was the costumes, the nipple suits and the weird shots of the costumes’ anatomies hahaha. I’m not sure why they did those shots, but whatever floated their boat, I suppose.

Now, as mentioned before, I know the acting was overdramatic and everything looked warped and fake and fantastical. BUT I’m sure it was purposeful style choice. So I’m not going to mention it much haha.

One thing that annoyed me about Robin. Now, I like Chris O’Donnell. I watched him in The Bachelor, The Three Musketeers, and a bit in NCIS: LA. I just didn’t like how Robin was. I’m used to the Robin I watched on Teen Titans. He was a smart leader/strategist/detective. The Robin in this movie reminded me more of a selfish little whiny pre-teen? Which makes me wonder how old is Robin supposed to be in this movie? I would guess college age? He should be acting like a rebellious teenager, imho.

The whole warping of Barbara’s backstory. Barbara Wilson??? Whhhhyyyyy????? So in this cinematic universe, Barbara is Alfred’s niece. This is nice, I guess, but I just think it does a huge disservice to who Barbara was. I know, I know. I’m probably being biased because one of my favorite cartons growing up was Batman: The Animated Series, in which Barbara was the daughter of Commissioner Gordon. She was just this redheaded badass girl that I marveled at when I watched hahaha. Batman & Robin changed her to this blond, school girl techie who seemed to try too hard to seem like a badass with her black eyeliner and want for motorbike racing……I did like Alicia Silverstone in Clueless and Blast from the Past.

I’m not quite sure what was going on with Alfred. Why did they decide to make him ailing? Why was he searching for his brother Wilfred? Were the moviemakers planning for something in the future with this storyline?

I found the difference between the two movie Banes HILARIOUS.

3474016-6969933009-BaneT Bane_in_'Batman_&_Robin'_(1997)

Not only is it hilarious because of how different they look, but it’s more about how they acted!!! Batman & Robin’s Bane only spoke a few words at a time, like a toddler. Just repeated words like a dimwitted parrot. I have to admit though, I didn’t exactly like the “new” Bane either though. I’m a very nostalgic person, I guess. I liked the Bane from the animated series haha.

On Poison Ivy, I love the character. I wish she was more powerful in the movie.

On Mr. Freeze……..I wish he had been more sinister. I now that these movies were more on the corny, campy, funny side, but I liked Mr. Freeze to be more serious. I thought he could’ve been more evil, except for whenever it concerns his wife. I remember Mr. Freeze as being scary and evil until you see him slowing down and showing emotions when he looks down at the dancing little figure of his beloved wife…..*tear*

There are so many more things that I can talk about with this movie. Things that I liked, things that annoyed me–but overall, this movie was enjoyable. I laughed and I love to laugh. I’m going to see if I can find the Batman movie that came before this. The one with Two Face and the Riddler. I remember Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carey being funny in it.

Maybe after that I’ll look for the Batman movie with Catwoman and Penguin, as well as the one with the Joker in the 80s…….although, both of those Batman movies scared me and freaked me out as child hahaha.

I know people rag on horrible movies, but I think that as long as it’s enjoyable, it ain’t too bad 🙂

Supernatural Reactions: Inside Man (S10E17)

Ooo, a preview with Bobby in it! Will Bobby be in this episode??? Metatron too?? Where is Cas anyways?

A seance? Are they contacting Bobby??? Omigosh, they are!!!! Omigosh, is that Bobby’s heaven??? Lol!!

Wait what? 24 hours earlier?

Dean’s yelling! What’s wrong??? Oh, Dean’s having a nightmare! Poor dude……..Sam’s hair flowing as he clamors down the hall with his gun cocked is kinda funny though lol.

Hahaha nudie french movie? Lol. Okay, with a movie description like that, it’s obviously fake, Dean, lol. Sam just lied to Dean about going off somewhere to watch a movie. Why must these guys keep lying to each other? You’d think they’d learn by now that it never ends well to keep secrets.

Charlie’s on radio silence? I wonder what happened to her…

What the fudge is Rowena doing painting on herself naked? Haha. Oh my god! Why does Crowley believe his mom so easily??? Gah!

Hahahahaha since Sam is out, is Dean really putting practical pranks all over his stuff? Hahaha, very mature, Dean.

Oh, that’s weird that Hannah is in that dude.

….Ooohhh, so are Sam and Cas planning to break Metatron out of Heaven by using Bobby as an inside man? ……OH MY GOD I forgot that the title of this episode is “Inside Man” hahahahahahaha!!!!

Lol, Dean is at another bar. Ooo, is he going to play pool with the college kids? Hahaha. Those kids are gonna get plaaayyed.

HAHAHAHA an atheist meets Cas the angel lol!!! Sam and Cas go to find a psychic who might have the ability to contact Bobby in heaven.

Hahaha Metatron is a creep ass hobbit fella!! I like this psychic guy. He’s kinda funny lol.

Okay, I kinda feel bad for the college kids who are about to lose their money and one of their dad’s watch.

AHHH! It’s Bobby’s hat! XDDD The psychic asked for a personal item of Bobby’s and Sam still has his hat.

Aw, Dean took that kid’s watch 🙁 …I hope that kid doesn’t go after Dean. That might bring out Dean’s evil Hulk side. On, no! Rowena is at the bar O_O

Haha, I agree with Bobby. I wonder if this show will ever go back to being about chopping up fangs.

Bobby should try to find Ash if he wants to know his way around Heaven. Actually, I’m surprised that Ash, Jo, and/or Ellen haven’t gotten into contact with Bobby. Ash is a smart dude. He should have Heaven all mapped out by now lol.

Yay, Dean stopped himself from killing the kid! What the hell is Rowena doing? Was she trying to kill Dean?….Hm, whatever she did, it didn’t work lol. Is it because of the Mark? Hm….I would tell Rowena to cure them while I had the knife to her throat…then gank her when she was done (she’d be under the impression that I’d let her go afterwards). Maybe I’m just heartless. Or I just know that Rowena is going to be a lot more trouble in the future.

Wow, Bobby found the exit to his Heaven pretty fast! Hahaha, heaven looks…clean and organized lol. Haha balls!

Rowena is so crafty. I’d be suspicious of everything she did. Oh my god, don’t tell me Crowley’s going to believe that crap!! You what? Crowley should have secret surveillance on Rowena 24/7. Maybe he has gone soft…

Hahaha Bobby’s smart. Releasing a bunch of souls from their heavens to mask himself. And also causing a riot hahaha.

The Bobbys are surly? LOL

The gate is behind door 42??? HAHAHA Is that because 42 is the answer to life? Reference to Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? Lol.

Awww, Crowley and Dean are sitting and chilling and talking.

Stupid Metatron. I’m so done with his crap. Just kill him bah! Hahaha smart move! Taking his grace lol! If the Mark is God-level magic and if Chuck is God….is Chuck the only one who can remove the Mark? Lol.

Ooo, Crowley is kicking his mother out~~~

He’s gonna have to be careful. Rowena has a mean streak. I wouldn’t have kicked her out. I would’ve kept her under lock and key where I can keep an eye on her. You let her free on the world, you’re asking for trouble.

Ooo, what’d Bobby give Sam…

Awww….such a sweet letter.

OH MY GOD what are the angels going to do to Bobby for breaking Metatron out of jail???

….best case scenario, they’ll throw him back on earth, alive.

Supernatural Reactions: Paint It Black (S10E16)

Is the guy going to kill someone? Himself? Okay, he’s gutting himself…with a candlestick.

Gah, I love how sassy Rowena is, but why does Crowley take everything she says to heart? Especially considering she was a pretty crappy mother haha.

Yeah, there must be something up with that nun. She’s weird. Kinda creepy.

I wonder what’s up with Sam. Dean is concentrating on cases, while Sam is just rolling his eyes. I guess he wants Dean to worry about the mark first and foremost, not cases. I really don’t know what they’ll do about the mark at this point, with Cain dead and all. What could possibly be the solution?

What the hell is zooming into people’s bodies??? Oh, I thought the wife was going to kill the husband lol. Oh, no, she is! Scissors!! Is she going to kill herself too? Nope. Ew, what is that ghosty thing?

Creepy nun is back…She’s the perp. She’s gotta be! Lol. Her supposedly innocent act sucks hahaha.

HA! She’s looking for a mission! I guess she found a mission in killing all the sinners who come to that church!

Speaking of confessions, I don’t like it. It makes me feel like the worst person in the world lol.

Ooo, witch cat fight lol. I wonder who was Crowley’s father. I would like to know more about is parents’ relationship if it had caused such a rift between Rowena and the coven.

Why is Creepy nun so curious about the other nun’s Pierro fella?

Wait wait. Is this Mona Lisa???? The room and setting looks old…This is old timey Italy!!! What the hell!?

Is that Italian nun a ghost? Does her journal need to be salted and burned?

Them? Them who? Who is the high priestess talking about…is it related to the Winchesters? Haha—HA! I was right! Men of Letters!! HAHA!

Ooo is Dean going to ask about the mark to the priest? Lol. Aw, does he think he’s going to die soon? TT__TT I really wish that Dean and Sam would grow old and die at an old age, but living the life they live…I don’t know if that would happen. Oh my god, what if God comes back? What if Chuck comes back? LOL

OH, god! It’s the Italian nun!!! Wait, why is she possessing the priest?

Hahaha I don’t know why I’m laughing about Isabella killing Pierro. In all honesty, she just should’ve accepted that he didn’t want her the way she wanted him. However, I still think Pierro was a bit scummy lol.

Gah, so the Creepy nun was hiding Isabella from the Winchesters? DON’T hide things from the Winchesters! That should be a saying haha! If the journal isn’t the thing that is tethering Isabella, maybe the painting still exists somewhere, hm?

What is Rowena trying to find out? Rowena’s going after the Winchesters, isn’t she? Aha, yup, there you go. It’s ALWAYS the Winchesters. Hm….how’s Rowena gonna kill Olivete? Oh, Rowena is going crazy…What’d she do to Olivete??? Damn, scene change.

They’re going to find the painting, aren’t they. Ew! Her finger! Man, she was crazy! Isabella had issues! What the fudge is wrong with her! Cut her finger to put in a painting??? Ew!

Oh, no, Isabella possessed the nun and is trying to kill Dean. Sam! Find the painting and burn it!! Burn it!!!

Hopefully, Creepy nun learned a lesson and she’ll be more careful about dealing with spirits.

Just saw a weird Chevrolet commercial that had stripper firefighters lol.

Oh! Rowena changed Olivete into a pet hamster hahaha.

Ooo, the Winchester in one of their famous brotherly talk moments in the front seat of the Impala.

Pretty okay episode over all.

Guardians of the Galaxy Reactions

So I finally got to watch Guardians of the Galaxy! So it’s all spoilers in this post if you still have yet to see it.

Okay, the first scene is the death of a mother. What is it with movies (especially Disney) killing off mothers? I know it adds drama and emotions and a somewhat goal/guiding rod to the protagonist, but damn, it’s so sad! Agh! Take your mother’s hand, little Peter!! AGH! TT___TT

So I’m basing this movie totally on the movie-verse and without knowledge of the comics. Why the hell was Peter kidnapped??? Did they want to enslave him and sell him off to the highest bidder? I like movie-verses because it makes some things simpler, but sometimes, things just end up not making sense. I think I need to read up on Guardians more (though I’m more of an Avengers and Justice League person).

I have to admit that I love the use of old 80s music in this movie. Come and get your love…

For some reason, Peter reminds me of Captain Kirk. They’re both scoundrels, love women, and have a smartass mouth, lol. Ooo! Or Han Solo as well!

This movie doesn’t really explain how Peter got the title Starlord or how he got his gear.

Ahhhhh! There’s Ronan! …..Or Legolas’s dad, lmao.

And there’s Nebula…..Or Amy Pond.

And Gamora……Or Uhura.

Hahahahaha. I amuse myself.

Yay! Rocket and Groot! I honestly did not know that Groot could only say “I am Groot”. Lol. Does Vin Diesel have a habit of voicing speech-challenged characters? Lol. Remember Iron Giant? 🙂

Is it just me or did the Kree look different in the old 80s/90s X-Men cartoons?

Groot’s movements bother me a bit in this movie. It’s somewhat slow, but then later on fast. Is it the animation? I dunno. I also wonder how movies do full body makeup, like for Gamora or for Orions.

It sure did take the police a long time to get to this whole little fight in a public area.

Glenn Close will always remind me of Cruella De Vil lol.

Is Rocket kind of like Stitch from Lilo and Stitch? He really doesn’t sound like Bradley Cooper.

I don’t like space prisons like this. They let the prisoners govern themselves. I saw the same thing in an episode of Star Trek. It never works out well, for the prisoners or for the government.

You know what bothers me a bit about this movie? I’ve seen most of the scenes already in the trailers. Haha! Maybe I should hold off on watching so many trailers, lest I be attacked by spoilers.

Lol, okay, so on one hand, you have a character with few words, Groot. And then a character with too many words, Drax.

…….hahaha the robotic leg…..hahaha. Rocket is horrible!

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 4.03.22 PM

This is one of the most hilarious scenes of the movie!!! I mean, look at it! HAHAHAHAHA. Drax is just like “Wtf, does anyone else see this?” Poor, sweet Groot.

Does anyone else relate to Gamora’s sentiments? “I am surrounded by the galaxy’s biggest idiots.” Lmao.

I would like to know more about this Collector fella. He seems like a douche, but not a major baddie. I know he has the space dog and Howard the Duck as captives.

What kind of huge being is the one that the city Knowhere resides in? That is one big monster!

I don’t know how I feel about Gamora and Starlord together. It is cute though.

Poor Rocket. TT__TT Always being belittled for being a tortured experiment. At least Groot cares about him.

Drax calling Ronan to their location has got to be one of the stupidest things ever.

Hahahaha “I can’t believe you had that in your purse!” “It’s not a purse, it’s a knapsack!”

Throughout this whole movie, I’ve questioned Gamora’s motive. Sure, she was taken by Thanos and tortured and changed into an assassin. But how or, I guess, why did she choose to fight back now when she was captured as a child? I guess it’s a when-the-opportunity-presents-itself situation.

Okay, what’s with villains not delivering the last blow to kill their enemies? I mean, Ronan just dumped Drax in the liquid to drown. That gives time for a rescue or recovery. See, villains keep screwing up like this and they will regret it! Lol.

I don’t really understand the dramatics of Peter saving Gamora. Am I heartless? Lol.

Honestly, who didn’t see Ronan taking the orb for himself?

Drax admitting he wasn’t paying attention was hilarious, haha. And Groot eating stuff from off his shoulder lol.

Okay, so I know how dramatic it is that the cops formed a net to push the baddies back, but you just KNOW that it’s gonna blow up and they’re all gonna die! Also, if all of them are doing that, who’s protecting the citizens below???

Groot has beautiful, magically, glowing pollen lol. And at last I see the light…and it’s like the fog has lifted…

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 4.29.22 PM

Groot looks pretty pleased with himself after killing a bunch of people, lol.

And there goes the police net thing and all those people died.

I don’t understand why Groot had to “die”. I mean, if his extremities grow back, why would him turning his extremities in a shield kill him?

Okay, it was hilarious when Peter distracted Ronan by dancing, but if I was Ronan, I wouldn’t have been so easily distracted hahaha.

I want to know more about Peter’s lineage. Was it his linage that save him? Or the fact that they spread the power of the orb amongst four/five people?

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 4.37.12 PM

Rocket made me very sad here…. 🙁

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 4.42.41 PM

This was adorable.

And as always with Marvel movies, there was a bonus scene after the credits.

I don’t understand it at ALL though. Why was Howard the Duck there???