Artsy Fartsy Session: Goofy Jensen and Jared

Just a challenge I participated in to try to get me back into drawing XD

I’ve never actually done a color challenge before so I don’t know if I did it correctly lmao. It was fun either way. I’ll have to do more of these sessions when I get the chance. Though, I need a new computer because my baby laptop is dying from all the heavy 3D and art programs I’ve been using for the last few years….heehee


Artsy Fartsy Session: Cas V. Crowley

I didn’t this a few weeks ago to celebrate SPN Season 11 XD

I kind of like the sketchy style I used for the little characters. I might use it again in the future, especially for simple and quick little projects like this. 🙂


SPN @ SDCC2015

This past week was the annual San Diego Comic Con. I like to refer to it as my week of hell…ONLY because I have never been able to go and because I am bombarded by SDCC pictures, videos, tweets, and everything on all my social apps! Haha. It sucks for me, but it looks like everyone else had fun. I’ll just have to try to keep getting tickets year after year.

Anyways, I enjoyed watching both the SPN panel and Nerd HQ Q&A.

Supernatural SD Comic Con 2015 Panel:

Present: Jeremy Carver, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, and Andrew Dabb

Moderators: Rob Benedict and Richard Speight

The first thing I noticed about the SDCC panel was that all the Funko Pop figures were Crowley. I’m sure Mark was ecstatic because last year, he didn’t have one, haha. I loved the question about Charlie and the panel’s reaction to it. Jeremy never did give a really good answer, haha. And the rest of the panel just kind of left Jeremy to fend for himself. Jared’s reaction to finding out about the Always Keep Fighting candles was very sweet. Oh, and the hamster was hilarious. I found out that the hamster actually got it’s own twitter handle: @HamsterSpn . Hahaha. Ruth Connell was there in the audience, which I thought was cool. Only a handful of people actually got to ask questions, which I thought was kind of sad, but maybe that’s the norm.

Nerd HQ Supernatural Q&A:

Present: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, and Mark Sheppard

Moderator: Aisha Tyler

I like Zachary Levi’s Nerd HQ Q&As. He puts so much work into it and into his charity. Anyways, this was a lot of fun too. Jared got to meet a guy taller than him and felt what Mark usually feels when being around taller people, lol. I found out what fantail candy was. A unicorn had trouble speaking with a microphone. And Jared nearly made me cry talking about stuff. Haha.

Anyways, enjoy watching them all.

Hope I get to go to SDCC someday and see it all live lol.

Supernatural Reaction: Brother’s Keeper S10E23

So I’ve really been procrastinating about watching the season finale. I’ve just been scared! Plain and simple. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but it can’t be any good! I mean, how’s Sam doing? How’s Cas? How’s Crowley? Baaahhh!!!

So this is a first. The opening of this season finale is still opening up with the song Carry On My Wayward Son, however, it’s the Fan Fiction version. It’s a beautiful version of the song. I was just surprised they changed it lol.

Haha, never mind! There goes the good ol’ Kansas sound!

Cas and Sam have been working hard at trying to find Dean. Tension is high.

Dean is sleeping on a dirty carpeted floor haha. He looks like he’s had a rough couple days. “I’m good.” He says. I don’t think so, Dean sweetie….

Oh my god, there was a dead girl and Dean was looking at her. I thought he killed her hahaha. Dean is trying to work a case on his own? Some hunter named Rudy showed up and Dean is trying to usher him out of this case. The Winchesters’ outlook on life sure has changed since the old days. So much darker now.

Sam is trying to threaten Rowena into working out the spell to cure the Mark of Cain. I don’t think that will work well unless you have something to hold over her. ORRR I don’t see why they couldn’t ask the witch/hamster that Crowley has down in hell still.

Ooooo, Rowena wants to trade the spell for her freedom and the codex. Man, with Rowena free out in the world with the codex, she’d wreck havoc.

Dean is interviewing the parents of the victim and he’s antagonizing them hard. Damn, Dean….Some weird boy is in the background. He’s following Dean outside. It’s the victim’s brother giving Dean info. Okie.

Why is Dean working this case? Is he still trying to get the Mark off his mind? Or is he trying to do something good to try to offset the bad?

So the ingredients to get rid of the Mark: the first apple (or quince), the golden calf idol, and something Rowena loves.

Hm, Rowena was in love with a demon, right? Maybe she’ll have to kill her demon lover? Oskar? Who’s Oskar? Someone from Rowena’s past.

Sam is giving Cas Dean’s hair. Where’d he get Dean’s hair from? Lol. No, seriously, I want to know how and why Sam has a clump of Dean hair.

Oh, there does Dean killing a vamp. Rudy’s gonna die. Yup. Dean, rather than talking the vamp into releasing Rudy from being a hostage, let the vamp kill Rudy, a fellow hunter. I mean, at least he saved the girl….but he didn’t care at all that he got another human being killed…at all.

Not looking good there, Dean.

Dean sees Cas’ bloodied up face, Rudy’s dead face, and now he’s wrecking his hotel room. Dean is not a happy boy. He is in a really, really dark place.

Sam sees the aftermath of Dean’s “case”.

Cas summoned Crowley at the classic crossroads. Crowley wants Cas to beg him to help get ingredients to cure Dean. Haha.

Oh! Crowley agreed to get the ingredients! I wonder why….Crowley might have something up his sleeve.

Sam’s tracked down Dean’s hotel hideout when he saw the Impala in the parking lot. But Dean is nowhere to be seen. Why would he leave the Impala? Omigod, Dean left the Impala to Sam.

Dean’s off somewhere summoning something….Death probably. Lol, I saw the promo. And there’s Death! Death did mention once that he and God were about the same level right? Doesn’t that mean that Death would have the power to remove the mark?

Dean does not look amused with Death.

So Death CAN get rid of the Mark! But he won’t get rid of the Mark? ….why…..

The Darkness?? God and his angels beat back the darkness and so light could exist and so everything could exist. A horrible, amoral force that God locked away. Interesting… lore to add into the world of Supernatural.

So there always has to be someone who bears the Mark of Cain so that the Darkness would remain locked away. Death will take the Mark away from Dean if Dean would pass the Mark unto someone else. But Dean can’t bear to pass it onto someone else. At least, he still has that goodness in him.

Crowley’s back at the diner to talk to the fry cook guy!!! He’s telling the fry cook his life story for some reason.

Rowena loved a boy named Oskar whose family took her in centuries ago when she was hungry and alone after abandoning Crowley. She gave Oskar immortality and Oskar is now named Seth and he is the very fry cook with whom Crowley is talking to. Mind freak!

This episode is going to explode my mind.

Sam caught up to Dean….

And Dean just friggin’ told Sam that his only way out is Sam’s death.





Just WTF, y’all. O__O

GOSH DARN COMMERCIAL BREAK!!! I don’t need your ranch dressings or paper towels!!!!

So the logic is that Death can put Dean somewhere where he could never ever hurt another living being. But if Sam is alive, Sam would never stop finding a way to free Dean. So if Sam is dead, it ensures that Dean would always and forever remain in solitude.

Dean’s all for Sam dying.

This is weird.

This is very weird.

I don’t like how Dean is talking.

Sam and Dean are fighting now.

Wait, Sam is agreeing to this plan now????

Oh, god, Death is handing Dean the reaper. Oh, he’s going to kill Death, isn’t he!? Rather than killing Sam???

Oh, god, I don’t know what’s going to happen……

Dean’s telling Sam to close his eyes.

Aw, Sam is giving Dean their old family pictures to remember what it was like to be good after he’s killed Sam.

Death is telling Dean to kill Sam.

Dean is looking at the old pictures of little Dean, baby Sammy, and their mother.

Dean said to Sam, “Forgive me.”

Dean just killed Death!!!

Aw, crap!!! The Darkness is going to come, isn’t it! Death is dead!!!!! Isn’t it going to be pandemonium???? Chaos! Havoc!! Madness on Earth???

Rowena really loved Oskar?? It must be really killing Crowley to see Rowena love another child. Oh, damn! Rowena just jabbed Oskar in the throat and now she’s performing the spell!

Dean’s going to be rid of the Mark???

Oh, no!

He’s rid of the Mark!!!

That’s good, but the Darkness will be coming, won’t it??????

Oh, no, Rowena just sicked crazy Cas onto Crowley. And-cut scene.

Back to the boys. Lightning is hitting the ground everywhere. Dark shadowy smoke trails, like traveling demons, are bursting and swirling from the ground. It’s all gathering into one spot.

Dean and Sam are trying to escape via the Impala, but the baby is stuck in a ditch.

The Darkness is heading towards them like a tidal wave!!!

And cliffhanger right?

This is going to end in a cliffhanger, right?

AHA!! There it goes! It ends with the Impala being engulfed in the Darkness.






So what do you all think is going to happen in Season 11??? 😀

I heard Season 12 is likely as well. XD

Bye, Supernatural, see you in the fall XDDDDDD

In the meanwhile, Salute to Supernatural con for me in July heehee.

Supernatural Reactions: The Prisoner S10E22

Aw, Charlie….so sad. But is she really dead? Will she be back in the future some how???

Different setting now. We’re at a school and these bullies seem to be targeting a geeky kid. Don’t mess with a kid with the last name Styne!!! Stupid bullies!

Oh, crap, the Styne thugs are following the bully. Bully gonna diiiieeeee. Don’t go down the secluded alley, idiot!!! Yup, you’re dead. I was right, lol.

Aw, the boys are building a pyre for Charlie. Aw, flashbacks of Charlie!! This is horrible TT____TT

Not many people that know the Winchesters get happy endings, do they? If I met the Winchesters in really like, I’d run the other direction. I’d be like, “Love what you guys do, thanks for saving the world and everyone’s butts, but I’m outtie!”

Sam saying goodbye and apologizing to Charlie and Dean telling him to shut up and that it’s his fault she was dead—Aw, snap. That was a bit harsh, but Sam was pretty reckless with the whole Book of the Damned thing.

Who is this little kiddie Styne? Is he like one of the few good guys in the Styne family? Oh, is his father the head of the Styne family?

I KNEW that Eldon guy was going to rat out the Winchester’s Men of Letters bunker. Are they going to ruin the one home the boys have had in a long time??? Aw, poo.

Aw, the Styne family wants the kiddie Styne to chop up his bully or they will chop him up. WHAT A MESSED UP FAMILY!!!! That kid needs to RUN away from his crazy ass family!!! Run, dude, run!!! His father just made him cut into that guy!

Is Dean going to end up killing kiddie Styne? I can see that happening.

Oh, and here we’re back with Rowena and Cas. They should duck tape Rowena’s mouth or something haha.

Haha, the email from Charlie! Finally! Let’s see what she emailed.

I knew Rowena would strong-arm Sam into killing Crowley before she cured Dean of the Mark of Cain. Why wouldn’t she? She needs that assurance that their deal would be honored. I’d do the same in her place. Though, I see Sam’s side too cuz I’m usually always on the Winchester’s side of things.

Aw, kiddie Styne is traumatized after killing the bully. Haha, they gave the bully’s arm to Eldon. This is some screwy crap. Why not put their victim’s under before killing them and cutting them up?

Oh, don’t mess with the Impala, cops! That’s a bad idea.

What’s Crowley doing at a diner? Haha. Why is he talking to the fry cook? Lol, does Crowley still do crossroad deals? Oh, no, “Dean” just called Crowley asking to meet. I bet it’s Sam setting a trap for Crowley.

I wonder who called the cops on Dean. Aw, Dean is beating up a cop to know who set him up. Monroe Styne? The head of the Styne clan? Dean’s going to go on a rampage, isn’t he?

Oh, no, Crowley, you entered a trap!

Is Crowley really going to die???? First, Charlie and now Crowley??? Seriously, people! I know Supernatural kills off a lot of characters, but there’s gotta be a limit!!! Killing too many great characters could actually be detrimental to the show.

Dean’s strolling into the Styne house now. Hahaha, he’s surrounded by guns. Oh, no, they put a plastic bag over Dean’s head like they did with the bully. Are they going to cut up Dean too?

Crowley was trying to be a better person the last year to try to feel something again? To feel human? Poor, Crowley. Come on, Sam, do you really want Crowley to go back to being a completely evil bad guy to you and Dean??? Welp, too late. Crowley’s broken free and now you’ve unleashed him.

Dean’s awake now and strapped to the operating table. I wonder what they’re gonna do. Do they know how to remove the mark? Oh, crap, Dean’s free from the table and now he’s killing everyone.

Eldon’s gone with a goon and kiddie Styne to raid the Men of Letters bunker. They’re gonna steal and burn it down, oh, noes.

Ooo, Dean killed everyone at the Styne house, but there’s more out there. The Styne family’s supposed to be huge and world-wide right?

Oh, no, Dean’s coming home. He’s going to find the three Styne’s looting the bunker.

If Dean kills that kiddie Styne, does that mean it’s the symbol for Dean going bad for good?

Yup, he killed kiddie Styne or Cy Styne, now that I realize his name lol.

So killing the Stynes by shooting them in the head is like a zombie solution, isn’t it. They just need to destroy the brain.

Anyways, what’s going to happen now? Are there going to be more Stynes looking for revenge out there?

Why couldn’t Cas just teleport to wherever Dean is within a blink of an eye??? Weird….

Is Dean going to beat up Cas?


It’s going to be just like Cain said, isn’t it. Dean’s gonna kill Crowley, then Cas, and then Sam.

Charlie dying just sent Dean back to the path of demondom, didn’t it. Bah….

So the trailer for the next episode sees that Dean might be meeting of with Death to get the Mark of Cain off of him. Wow, I haven’t seen Death in a loooong time lol. Also, isn’t anyone else worried that Metatron is out there somewhere with half of the demon tablet? Lol.

Supernatural Reactions: Dark Dynasty S10E21

Is that a take on Duck Dynasty? Lmao.

Why is this woman going to an interview at such a late hour? Does she not find it creepy? This blond guy is creepy. She should be very, very aware of how creepy this situation is. Is he going to gut out her eyes??? Ooo, he has the Styne crest tattoo. He’s going to gut out her eyes, while she’s alive. Greeaaatttttt….Aw, Mr. Janitor, you’re too late.

What are these Styne people harvesting? Why?

So Eldon Styne (creepy blond, eye-scooping guy) was Jacob Styne’s brother. Now the head of the family is sending Eldon off to kill the Winchesters and get the Book of the Damned back. And Eli Styne is supposed to be tracking down Charlie.

Hm, I wonder where the Styne family came from.

Haha, Charlie, you need to knock some sense into Sam’s head!! He’s lying to Dean, keeping Rowena on a chain, and now he’s bringing Charlie into the loop. He’s got both Cas and Charlie lung to Dean! Oh, dear.

Haha, a witch and a nerd working together. And an angel. Hahaha, an interesting team Sam’s put together.

Crowley now knows that his mom is missing.

Haha the guy whom Crowley was torturing complimented Crowley on grouping the darts nicely on his body….strange…

Dean’s gotta be getting a feeling now that Sam is keeping something from him.

Uh-oh, Eldon Styne is back, cleaning up his mess. Poor rental dude.

Aw, so sweet of Cas to get snacks. I’ve never actually tried pork rinds. I should go buy some.

Is Rowena planting seeds of doubt in Charlie’s head about staying loyal with the Winchesters? You just can’t trust that witch. Haha.

Hm, someone’s following the boys. Don’t they see that? They’ve got enough smarts and training to know when someone is tailing them.

Ooo, did Eldon find the boys’ bunker?

Haha, Crowley is talking the hamster witch to find out dirt on Rowena. Ooo, Rowena’s demon lover?

Ooo, the Styne family’s found Dean.

Haha! How’d Dean manage to capture Eldon hahaha.

So the Styne family has had everything to do with any world problem? Lol. They cause world messes and then fix it all at a price.



Are they FRANKEN-STEINS?????


Supernatural is introducing Frankensteins as the new monsters now?? Lol.

Haha, they should’ve killed Eldon before he escaped. Now, he knows where they live and he’ll tell the others. They should never leave their prisoners alone. They keep escaping on the Winchesters. And, of course, Eldon would rip off his arm to escape. He’s a Frankenstein. He can just get a new arm haha.

Why’d Charlie leave Cas’ care? That wasn’t very smart.

Oh, no, is Charlie going to die???

Oh, no, oh, no, oh, no……



YESH! Back from commercial!

Oh, fudge, Charlie’s dead.

You know…Kevin died because Dean hid something from Sam and now Charlie died because Sam kept something from Dean. These guys really should’ve learned by now. Tsk!

Do you think what Rowena said was true? That Charlie’s steadfast loyalty to the Winchesters was her undoing?

Supernatural Parody by The Hillywood Show®




The Hillywood Supernatural Parody finally came out today. I was hoping that it would’ve come out when I was at home and not a work, but I watched it nonetheless. I was not disappointed. Confused–because I’ve never actually watched Taylor Swift’s music video before–but not disappointed AT ALL.

Literally, just yesterday I was telling my best friend that I was putting out a prediction that the Hillywood Show would use Shake It Off for the video! I almost screamed when I heard the beginning notes hahaha. It was interesting having a male singer sing the song instead. If they were going to go in that direction, they could’ve found like an edgier, more rock sounding composition of Shake It Off to match with the show’s overall 80s rock sound.

I did watch this in an office, so that prevented me from screaming my head off like a little girl. But my jaw literally dropped lower and lower every time I saw people I recognized during the latter part of the video. I mean, I feel like the girls just went to one of the Salute to Supernatural cons and asked if the guests would like to get involved in the video and dance around a bit to Shake It Off for the fans lol. There was Richard Speight, Jr.,  Tahmoh Penikett, Travis Wade, Matt Cohen, Samantha Smith, Mark Pellegrino, Misha Collins, Sebastian Roche, Timothy Omundson, Tyler Johnston, and others. It was like a Salute to Supernatural guest lineup lol.

Then, of course, there was Osric and Rob in the actual parody. Osric played Sam and Rob played Cain. Osric was hilarious! Osric has his hair looking like Jared’s pretty well, lol. Rob with his flowing Cain hair was great too haha. Hilly played Dean and Hannah was Cas XD

I also loved that the girls included Jensen’s Eye of the Tiger blooper scene and his gym teacher outfit. I like how they incorporated a lot of what the Supernatural fandom found funny into the video. I know you can’t put everything in it–lord knows the Supernatural fandom has millions of inside jokes–but for a short parody, it had a lot of content! I’ve only watched the video once so far, so I couldn’t catch everything, but I’ll watch more once I get home. AAAaannnddd I want to watch Hilly’s diary video and the behind-the-scene video. I loooove those as well.

I can’t help wonder where Mark Sheppard was though 🙁

And I would’ve like to see Kim Rhodes, Alaina Huffman, Felicia Day, and Briana Buckmaster…

…wow, the SPN Family is pretty big, ain’t it? Lol.

Supernatural Reactions: Angel Heart S10E20

Claire Novak is baaaaack.

Jimmy Novak? Is he back?

This is weird…..what’s going on. A flashback? Ew, what’s the black gunk? Where the hell is Amelia Novak and why is some guy cutting into her and why is glowing stuff coming out of her arm??? Are people trying to use her to find Cas? Maybe she has some leftover grace in her body?

And there’s Claire Novak in another dive bar.

Why is she looking for a Ronnie Cartwright? I know that actor from somewhere. Amelia was looking for a miracle worker to find Cas/Jimmy Novak??

Ooo, that guy slipped up and said “Amelia Novak”. Claire never mentioned Amelia’s last name and he said it! Guh, he just knocked out Claire.

At least, he called an ambulance for her.

Oh, there’s Cas. Is he Claire’s emergency contact?

Does Claire really think that if she told them that she was looking for her mom that they’d leave her alone? Haha, of course, Claire ran away. They should’ve kept an eye on her.

Dean and Cas found Ronnie and Dean is making him talk, lol. Amelia was the last one? Last what? That’s creepy.

What is this Peter Holloway doing, cutting into people? What is he? Aw, they left Ronnie there, now he’s going to warn the Peter Holloway guy.

Oh, now, there goes Claire with her runaway, tough girl act, lol.

Haha, she followed her mom’s diary to find her like the boys followed their father’s diary to find find him. Hahahaha.

Is Ronnie waiting for Peter Holloway? Is he going to die? Ronnie’s gonna die……Yup, he died. The Peter Holloway guy killed him.

Hahaha! Cas got Claire a Grumpy Cat plush as a birthday present from Hot Topic(al), lmao.

Haha, Cas is grounding Claire and Dean in the hotel room, lol.

Hm, where is Dean and Claire going? Hahaha! Mini-golf??? Lol, Caddyshack and Happy Gilmore references.

What is the relation between mini-golf and the red marks on Ronnie’s back….

Ooooo, angel sword. Who has an angel sword? What’s a watcher angel? Why so many different kinds of angels, lol.

I knew it! Why did Sam try to answer a phone call while he’s trying to sneak around a dark house?? You’d have to put down your guard when you answer a phone. Amateur mistake, Sammy! Lol.

Ooo, Dean gave Claire a gun and he’s taking her to Holloway barn. How’s that going to work out…

Huh, why can’t Cas heal Amelia’s cuts? Are they special cuts?

What’s that watcher angel going to do to Sam? His name is Tamiel. So this Tamiel guy feeds off the souls of humans for some reason. When angels are supposed to protect humans….okay, so Tamiel is a rogue angel.

Why do I have a feeling that Amelia is going to die?

Ooo, did Tamiel take Sam somewhere?

How did Sam escape his chair?

Tamiel is going after Claire and Amelia?

I KNEW IT! I knew Amelia would die for Claire! I KNEW Claire was going to get in some sort of danger and Amelia, being a mother, would protect her!

Is Amelia going to rejoin Jimmy in Heaven??? AHHHHHH!!!!

So sad though!

Sam is sending Claire to Jody?

Aw, Dean got Claire Caddyshack and an Enochian book. Is Claire going to after angels now with the angel sword? She should hook up with the other teen hunters.

Supernatural Reactions: The Werther Project S10E19

First thing, the title keeps reminding me of the caramel candy (Werthers’ Originals), LMAO.

Oh, dear, Rowena….and Purgatory is coming back. Is Benny coming back? Is that weird Men of Letters deserter Cuthbert Sinclair guy coming back? What will Rowena want in return for helping Sam? AND WHY IS SAM STILL KEEPING THINGS FROM DEAN!!!

What year is this?? Oh, 1973. Why I wonder…

Hey, I have that episode of Looney Tunes that’s playing on the TV. I love Looney Tunes.

The girl is going down to the basement to do laundry. Is something creepy going to go on down there? Why is she breaking down the wall…..Why is there a room that looks deserted? They must’ve known it was there. There’s a window for goodness’ sake. Ooo, it’s a Men of Letters symbol. Glowing smoke light is escaping the chamber…..I don’t think that’s a good sign. The girl is waking up now….Uh oh, can’t find Mom. Something’s wrong……Okkkkaaaayyyyyy, everyone just killed themselves.

Rowena wants to kill Crowley. Sam is agreeing to kill Crowley.

So Rowena’s been after a witch codex in the bunker? Hm.

Don’t trust her, Sam. Dooon’t……These people have an issue between knowing whom to trust and whom not to. Tsk, tsk…

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve seen them kill vamps. That’s nice lol. Dean just took out a whole vamp nest by himself.

Sam’s burning the midnight oil to find the codex. Again, behind Dean’s back. Ooo, old audio tapes from the Men of Letters. HEY!!! The Cuthbert Sinclair guy!! So they keep evil things in the Werther box? I don’t like this Sinclair guy. He finds people’s lives expendable. Martinez was on the right track to shut down the box? By killing himself? Ooo, Sam has an idea? He’s calling up Rowena?? Haha.

Does that girl from the 70s still live in that old house? Yup, she does lmao. I’d do that too if I saw some guy trying to break into my house LOL

Ooo, wonder how Dean knew to come there to St. Louis.

Hahaha Dean covered his junk lol. Dwight Twilley? Where’d he get that name from? Even if a guy claimed to be part of the neighborhood watch, I still wouldn’t let him into my house!

No one goes into the basement? Welp, Sam just did, lol.

So I’m guessing when Suzie’s aunt died, Suzie managed to put the thing back into the box, but now Sam’s reopened it.

Oh crap, Suzie and Dean got engulfed by the thing in the Werther box. Now Suzie sees the ghosts of her family. Why…

Does Dean see hellhounds? Oh, no, he sees Purgatory!!!!

Suzie killed herself and now Sam sees Suzie degrading him for all he’s done. Is she a vengeful ghost or is she a vision from the box?

Haha, Rowena!

So Dean sees Purgatory. Will Benny be there?

HAHA!!! Benny!!! I wonder how well Benny is doing down in the real Purgatory.

You know, the Winchesters should really find a witch who is good enough to bring onto their side. It looks like witches can come in handy.

Benny claims that Purgatory is Dean’s happy place. I don’t think so. The Werther box wouldn’t show Dean his happy place. Don’t listen to that Benny, Dean! He ain’t the really Benny. He’s trying to get you to kill yourself, Dean!!! Don’t listen to him!!!

….though I don’t want it to happen, fake Benny brings up a good point. Dean killing himself, I mean…..But I don’t want to see Dean dieeeeeee D:

Aw, Dean killed fake Benny. Will he go back and find Sam and Rowena???

OH, WOW! Rowena was an illusion!?

So it took both Sam’s blood and Dean’s to open the Werther box.

It opened….What’s inside…..

Another book made of skin?? Honestly! People and their skin books, lol.

Listen to Dean, Sam!!! You’re stronger together than apart!!! Tell Dean, Sam!!! Tell him!!!

HAHA! Sam got witchproof shackles for Rowena! Lol. It’s just like what Crowley did to Kevin! Looking their respective translators up to read a tablet/book.

Do you think that Cuthbert Sinclair guy is really dead? Maybe he’s still alive somewhere. After all, he was pretty good with the magic stuff lol.

Supernatural Reactions: Book of the Damned S10E18

First things first, do they really think they can trust Metatron? Really????

Ooooo Charlie’s going to come back? I like Charlie. I know a lot of people don’t though. I don’t know why, but to each his own I suppose. I just like seeing more girls in this show.

Ooooo what’s Charlie running from? She’s in a dark warehouse/junkyard-like setting and two creepy guys are after her. One of them has a really weird old compass. Lol, I guess kinda like Jack Sparrow’s? Ooo, Charlie just ganked one guy! Ew, bloody. Who is this guy and what does he want from Charlie’s bag? Did Charlie steal something? Oh! He shot her!! She’s going to run to Dean and Sam, isn’t she.

Lol, Metatron and Cas. I would’ve duck taped Metatron to the passenger seat and duck tape his mouthy mouth shut. By God! He just talks and talks and talks! And his voice is soooo grating! I dunno why his voice bothers me. The actor’s voice didn’t bother me when he was in Psych. Hahaha, see! Even Cas wants to kill Metatron!

Are they STILL keeping Dean out of the loop??? Really??? GUH!

See! Dean is telling Sam stuff! Sam should tell Dean stuff! Two-way street, man!!!!

Hahaha Charlie used floss to stitch her bullet wound. Minty fresh wound, lol. That reminds me of Changing Channels when the guys were in the Grey’s Anatomy parody.

So there’s a Book of the Damned? Will it have a cure for Dean in it??? Will they need Rowena to read and translate it to save Dean??? LMAO!!

Charlie needs to go into hiding. She should know how to hide from witches from her experience with witches from Oz, right? Couldn’t she do something to hide herself and the book with wards or something? Or am I mixing up stuff from Charmed hahaha?

The boys are back in town? Hahaha. They are actually playing that song.

If the Book of the Damned does cure the Mark, Dean wants time off? On a beach? Sounds nice. But from what I remember, Dean and Sam rarely EVER catch a break lol….Thinking about that is actually kinda sad 🙁 These Winchester boys need a SERIOUS vacation BAD!!!

O…M…ME? Seriously, Metatron? So egotistical and arrogant! God! Metatron is talking again. Cas better not be falling for his tricks again!!!! Guh, now some guy in the diner has an angel blade.

A nun wrote the Book of the Damned??? What’s with people using skin to make books??? There are quite a few actual books out there made of skin. Look it up Really freaky stuff. Dean kinda went kooky with the Book of the Damned. Maybe he can read it.

An angry cupid thinks he can take on Cas? I thought cupids were lovey dovey….

Ooo, Metatron saved Cas, lol.

Okay, so the Book of the Damned is in ancient Sumerian code. Greaattt. Heehee Alan Turing reference. The book makes Dean’s heart beat??

What is the maddest thing a man can do? I still don’t trust Metatron. He seriously hid Cas’ grace in a library? Mmm….

The Styne Family. A family of crazy whackidoos who use magic to make money. What douches.

Dark magic always comes with a price. Will this be another thing where one Winchester brother gives up his life for the other and we start this circle of sacrifice all over again? Lol.

Haha, funny that Metatron talks about angels with delusions of grandeur…because that’s him lmfao.

Well, it’s good that Hannah brought order to Heaven.

I don’t know why Metatron questions Cas’ purpose in the future. Maybe he’ll just go around with Dean and Sam killing evil all over the country. Maybe he’ll find his daughter. Who knows? Wherever he is though. He’ll find a purpose.

Aw, crap! SEE! Metatron pulled some sort of enochian sigil spell on Cas! Never trust Metatron!!! Cas should never have left Metatron’s side.

Lol, Charlie wants to marry Scarlett Johansen.

Ah, Sam is reminiscing about Season 1 and Jess. So sad. There is no escape from a hunter’s life, is there?

What two things do you need to succeed in life? Ignorance and confidence? I wonder what Mark Twain meant by that.

AHH!!! The demon tablet!!!! Metatron has the demon tablet!!!
Ooo! Cas’ grace!
What’s the maddest thing a man can do? Let himself die?
WOOOWWWWW, Cas! That was badass! Aw, his wings! Still all torn up.

Oh, no, Dean!! Gank that guy! Gank that guy! He’s not a cashier!! Gank him!!! Haha, smart Dean. Using the mirror.

Are these Styne people the new baddies? Warlocks?

What the hell is that guy???? Took all those bullets to take him down???

Going to destroy the Book of the Damned??? Lol, Sam’s not going to do that. Not after Dean said there’s a cure in there. Oh, wow, Sam actually threw it in. Normal holy oil fire probably won’t destroy it though……or did Sam pull a switcharoo?

Cas seriously couldn’t find Metatron outside of the library after he got back his grace??? I mean, Metatron had a leg injury and was probably limping out of the library! Weird.

Nothing in this show is ever simple, lol.

Haha, carpal tunnel. Haha Cas and Charlie.

Lying to Dean again!!!! Bad boy, Cas!!! Bad!!

Aw, this is so cute. I feel like it’s been a while since the boys have had a group dinner.

God, who is Sam talking to!!!! I KNEW IT!!! Sam pulled a switcharoo!!!! HA and HA!!! Crap, Jacob Styne knew that he switched it.

He’s talking to Crowley, isn’t he…….GAH!!! It’s ROWENA!!!! BAD BAD BAD BAD CHOICE, SAM!!!!! BAAAADDDD!!!!

Though I did call it in a previous paragraph, didn’t I? LOL

I may have been watching this series for so long that I can predict stuff now hahaha.