Captain America: Civil War Trailer

The trailer to Captain America: Civil War came out. Watch…..

……. TT___TT when Tony said, “So was I.” So saaaadddd ūüôĀ

Anyways, I love how these movies always come out around my birthday! I get to make my friends come watch with me hahaha.

The trailer looks pretty good so far. Not as epic or action-packed as I thought it would be, but I’m still excited to go see how this pans out. More so than Episode VII. Nothing against Star Wars, of course. I like Star Wars. I’m just not a major fan haha. Self-proclaimed trekkie here XD

….Where’s Spiderman? Is he in this one? Or are they saving him for later?

Also, I don’t really like how they try to make Captain seem like a bad guy, saying he’s a vigilante and all. Corrupt organizations forced him to do things himself. They call Batman a vigilante. I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing. It really comes down to the person.

Well, I can’t wait until May 2016 comes around. And I can’t wait until I see more trailers for next year’s summer movies XD

Artsy Fartsy Session: Goofy Jensen and Jared

Just a challenge I participated in to try to get me back into drawing XD

I’ve never actually done a color challenge before so I don’t know if I did it correctly lmao. It was fun either way. I’ll have to do more of these sessions when I get the chance. Though, I need a new computer because my baby laptop is dying from all the heavy 3D and art programs I’ve been using for the last few years….heehee


Artsy Fartsy Session: Cas V. Crowley

I didn’t this a few weeks ago to celebrate SPN Season 11 XD

I kind of like the sketchy style I used for the little characters. I might use it again in the future, especially for simple and quick little projects like this. ūüôā


Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I’m………just very confused and very curious.

I want to know in which direction this movie is going towards. I read up on Star Wars a while back and read about Luke’s kids ¬†and Leia’s kids, but this movie seems to be going in a different direction or a different story altogether. Maybe not. I don’t know.

Did the events of episodes 4, 5, and 6 happen so long ago that people have forgotten about Jedis, the Force, and the Dark Side? Well, I guess you can blame Anakin for killing off all the little Jedi younglings. The way the people in the trailer speak about it makes it seem like it was all a dream or a fairytale.

I guess the only way to know is to go see the movie in December haha. Time to take out the good ol’ lightsaber.


Deadpool Trailer

I don’t know much about Deadpool, but I was very excited to see the trailer go up. I actually wasn’t aware that I had already seen a part of this trailer already a while back. I had thought it was a game trailer. Anyway, I love how crazy Deadpool is. I may not know much about his backstory (except that he has mutant powers derived from other mutants from being in the Weapon X project), but I do like his humor and badassery.

I’m very interested in learning more about Wade’s backstory. I have no idea who that woman he’s with is. I didn’t know he was ill and that was why he went into the project. I do wonder how crazy he will be. I like how he breaks the fourth wall (i.e. talking about the Green Lantern outfit which Ryan Reynolds wore in that movie). Will we hear the voices in his head? Who is that guy who is listing what Wade looks like? What is Colossus doing there? I actually have Lady Deadpool comics, but I’m pretty sure it’s different than the original Deadpool and this movie’s storyline in particular lol.

Either way, I hope this goes well. Esp for Ryan Reynolds. Hopefully, it’s better than Green Lantern. Although! At least that movie wasn’t as bad as some other superhero movies…lol.

Batman V Superman SDCC2015 Trailer

This is the trailer for Batman V Superman that was released at SDCC 2015. I heard it was leaked (along with other trailers) so that the companies decided to officially release it. I actually saw this trailer when I went to see Ant-Man last week.

The trailer looks pretty epic. Bruce Wayne looks uber broody and angsty. I’m guessing that people are having to deal with the after effect of Superman’s battle with Zod or maybe the collateral damage of all his fights.

I have to admit, though, that if I had super powers, people probably should be worried about what I would do, hahahaha. I mean, I’d be like Galadriel. I’d mean to do good, but some of the worst things happen from people who mean well. I already know that a lot of people would be dead because I believe that there are a lot of evil human monsters out there.

Anyways, Superman’s is a good dude though. I can’t imagine him going rogue very often. I know that in the animated series, Batman had kryptonite on the ready in case Superman does go rogue. Haha Batman….always trying to think ahead.

Oh, and Wonder Woman. It was like, “Oooo, wow, Batman! And Superman! Locked head to head in a heated battle full of explosions BOOM BOOM BAM–oh, hey, there’s Wonder Woman–BOOM POW BAM and more Batman angst and Superman guilt….” What’s the point of her being there? Why not have her appear in her own movie or in a Justice League movie? It’s kind of strange just to have her a some weird side character here….

One of the weirdest things that really bothered me in this trailer was that Lex Luther had hair! Haha. I don’t know why it bothers me so much. ….Maybe it’s a wig and he’ll swipe it off for dramatic effect later lol.

Can’t wait for this to come out in 2016.

Suicide Squad – First Look Trailer

I…I really don’t know what to think about this movie.

Harley Quinn is in it and she’s one of my favorite DC characters, but she’s different in this movie. Also, the Joker really creeps me out. Will Smith being in it is kind of random to me. And overall, I just don’t know about this film. I mean, I actually liked the campiness of the Batman movies from the 90s. That gives you an idea of where my tastes are. Goofy and corny. I was never into the grungy, gritty feel that this Suicide Squad movie gives off. When they announced this movie earlier last year, I was very interested in watching it though! But this trailer is making me rethink it….

I do hope that Jared Leto plays the Joker well though. I know people still go on about Heath Ledger’s take on the character–which was good, of course, but that’s a lot of pressure the next person who’ll play that character.

Haha I really have nothing else to say about this movie because I don’t think I’m even going to see it, lol. But I do hope it’s good and people enjoy it.

The Sherlock Special is Coming…

I thought this was hilarious! I watched it for a moment before I realized that the time era was totally different hahaha. I guess thinking of Sherlock Holmes in this sort of setting is normal in my head. I hope this special is good, but I do wonder when the next series will come out.

Haha, that little quip about his moustache.

Ooo! I actually did get to visit Sherlock Holme’s address when I visited London this past spring XD. I also got to see other sites in London too, but I’ll post that in another blog, hopefully soon.



So I went to see Ant-Man last week. I wasn’t all too sure what to expect because I didn’t know Ant-Man very well. I knew that he was the founder of the Avengers–although, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he isn’t–and that his powers had to do with shrinking and ants and that I think he was¬†abusive and he was married to the Wasp. Other than that, I don’t know all too much about him. I was glad that this movie wasn’t about¬†the¬†original guy (Hank Pym) though and was a Scott Lang.¬†Though that does make sense if you are thinking in terms of timelines.

Anyways, here’s a list of some of my thoughts (SPOILERS):

  • -There were a lot of Avenger mentions:¬†like Iron man and dropping cities from the¬†sky and the building from the second Avengers movie, and the Falcon! Also, Howard Stark and Agent Carter made appearances.
  • ¬†Scott’s friend, Luis, is hilarious. I love his story-telling style haha.
  • There’s this concept about Ant-Man that I don’t really get. I mean, Scott had his favorite ant, Anthony. But, honestly, these ants are treated as expendable, aren’t they?
  • I think my favorite ants were the crazy ants.
  • I loved the Falcon fight scene. It was very funny hahaha.
  • The father-daughter relationships were kind of awkwardly placed.
  • Though it was short, I did like the appearance of the Wasp.
  • Oh, and there was kind of a hint of a mention of Spiderman (they were talking about people who crawled up walls).
  • I was totally surprised at the first end credit where¬†Hank passed down the Wasp costume to Hope.¬†I hope that means we see Evangeline Lilly more in¬†future movies. I like her.
  • The last end credit scene surprised me, but didn’t surprise me. I actually had seen some gifs of it on tumblr–P.S. always be on the lookout for spoilers on tumblr. Anyways, I didn’t quite get what was going on in this end credit. I’ll have to look into later on. All I know is that we’ve found Bucky and I guess we’re gonna do¬†something to him or with him.

A lot of the movie was a bit predictable, such as how I totally guessed that Hank let Scott rob him by passing down the information through the chain, but it was funny and full of action. I was hoping Scott would be invited to the Avengers, but then I realized that the whole Civil War thing is kind of screwing things at the moment, lol.

Now, I can’t wait to see more Marvel movies. Let’s go!

It’s very hard for me to see Paul Rudd as anyone other than Mike Crapbag lmao.

PIXELS Trailer

Adam Sandler’s coming out in another movie. This one has a pretty basic premise. Video game characters/aliens are invading the world and old 80s gaming champions have to save it–Actually, it kind of reminds me of an episode of Futurama! I think it was an episode where the crew is playing with the What-If machine and Fry wonders what it’d be like if life was a video game or something. Anyways, I tried to find clips on YouTube, but couldn’t find a good one. HOWEVER, I did find that a lot of other people thought the same as me.

So is this movie ripping off Futurama? Or did they have permission to borrow the ideas? I don’t know.

Either way, when I first saw the first PIXELS trailer, I didn’t think much of it. I mean, I do like the idea and the movie does play towards our nostalgia for the game we may have grown up with. But I still have reservations. I guess you can’t really tell how a movie will turn out until you actually go see it and make up your own mind.