My Idol App


I saw people using this app on Instagram and thought it was so weeirrrdddd. And, of course, being me, I like weird stuff lol.

Anyways, with this app you can make a dancing, singing, moving avatar that looks somewhat like you. You take a selfie of yourself, move around the arrows to match your facial features, and then customize colors, clothes, and etc.

It’s VERY amusing for when you are bored….and creepy, but it’s too funny for me to notice the creepiness too much haha.

I uploaded a pic of my dog lol.


Customize, choose a dance move, and VOILA!

LMAO it’s very amusing and worth downloading just to try for a bit.

It doesn’t have an English version yet, but it’s pretty easy to guess where to go and click. Also, I think it’s only iPhone compatible so far, so I’m sorry Android users 🙂

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