I saw some people using this website so I tried it lol.


Basically, you take a selfie and then you upload it to the website. The website then analyzes your picture and guesses your age. It’s one of those websites you go to when you’re bored or just curious.

I think that it predicts your age by looking at the proportions between the size of your eyes, head, and cheeks. Taking a straight-on selfie, I got about my correct age. BUT if you take a selfie from an above angle to make your head look smaller and open your eyes as wide as you can, you can get a younger age. Maybe if you puff your cheeks out too.

LMFAO you might look stupid, but I had fun just trying to fool the website lol.

Check it out 🙂

My Idol App


I saw people using this app on Instagram and thought it was so weeirrrdddd. And, of course, being me, I like weird stuff lol.

Anyways, with this app you can make a dancing, singing, moving avatar that looks somewhat like you. You take a selfie of yourself, move around the arrows to match your facial features, and then customize colors, clothes, and etc.

It’s VERY amusing for when you are bored….and creepy, but it’s too funny for me to notice the creepiness too much haha.

I uploaded a pic of my dog lol.


Customize, choose a dance move, and VOILA!

LMAO it’s very amusing and worth downloading just to try for a bit.

It doesn’t have an English version yet, but it’s pretty easy to guess where to go and click. Also, I think it’s only iPhone compatible so far, so I’m sorry Android users 🙂

Smule Sing! Karaoke App

I’ve talked about this app before, but I just wanted a separate post on it.

I use this app soooooo much. And yes, it’s weird using it at first, but I just find singing my heart out just relieves me of all the stress from my workday!! I think that it’s definitely worth a try and I find it fun. I won’t share my username because I’d rather not be responsible for anyone’s ears bleeding out from my horrible voice, lmfao.


Dumb Ways To Die

It’s a somewhat old game that I played maybe last year. The only reason I’m posting about it is because I LOVE the song, hahaha!

It’s so stupid to love such a song, but I think it’s so catchy!

They’ve updated the game too, so y’all should check it out. It’s a somewhat frustrating game, but I love the animation and the creativity put into it.