Deadpool Trailer

I don’t know much about Deadpool, but I was very excited to see the trailer go up. I actually wasn’t aware that I had already seen a part of this trailer already a while back. I had thought it was a game trailer. Anyway, I love how crazy Deadpool is. I may not know much about his backstory (except that he has mutant powers derived from other mutants from being in the Weapon X project), but I do like his humor and badassery.

I’m very interested in learning more about Wade’s backstory. I have no idea who that woman he’s with is. I didn’t know he was ill and that was why he went into the project. I do wonder how crazy he will be. I like how he breaks the fourth wall (i.e. talking about the Green Lantern outfit which Ryan Reynolds wore in that movie). Will we hear the voices in his head? Who is that guy who is listing what Wade looks like? What is Colossus doing there? I actually have Lady Deadpool comics, but I’m pretty sure it’s different than the original Deadpool and this movie’s storyline in particular lol.

Either way, I hope this goes well. Esp for Ryan Reynolds. Hopefully, it’s better than Green Lantern. Although! At least that movie wasn’t as bad as some other superhero movies…lol.


So I went to see Ant-Man last week. I wasn’t all too sure what to expect because I didn’t know Ant-Man very well. I knew that he was the founder of the Avengers–although, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he isn’t–and that his powers had to do with shrinking and ants and that I think he was abusive and he was married to the Wasp. Other than that, I don’t know all too much about him. I was glad that this movie wasn’t about the original guy (Hank Pym) though and was a Scott Lang. Though that does make sense if you are thinking in terms of timelines.

Anyways, here’s a list of some of my thoughts (SPOILERS):

  • -There were a lot of Avenger mentions: like Iron man and dropping cities from the sky and the building from the second Avengers movie, and the Falcon! Also, Howard Stark and Agent Carter made appearances.
  •  Scott’s friend, Luis, is hilarious. I love his story-telling style haha.
  • There’s this concept about Ant-Man that I don’t really get. I mean, Scott had his favorite ant, Anthony. But, honestly, these ants are treated as expendable, aren’t they?
  • I think my favorite ants were the crazy ants.
  • I loved the Falcon fight scene. It was very funny hahaha.
  • The father-daughter relationships were kind of awkwardly placed.
  • Though it was short, I did like the appearance of the Wasp.
  • Oh, and there was kind of a hint of a mention of Spiderman (they were talking about people who crawled up walls).
  • I was totally surprised at the first end credit where Hank passed down the Wasp costume to Hope. I hope that means we see Evangeline Lilly more in future movies. I like her.
  • The last end credit scene surprised me, but didn’t surprise me. I actually had seen some gifs of it on tumblr–P.S. always be on the lookout for spoilers on tumblr. Anyways, I didn’t quite get what was going on in this end credit. I’ll have to look into later on. All I know is that we’ve found Bucky and I guess we’re gonna do something to him or with him.

A lot of the movie was a bit predictable, such as how I totally guessed that Hank let Scott rob him by passing down the information through the chain, but it was funny and full of action. I was hoping Scott would be invited to the Avengers, but then I realized that the whole Civil War thing is kind of screwing things at the moment, lol.

Now, I can’t wait to see more Marvel movies. Let’s go!

It’s very hard for me to see Paul Rudd as anyone other than Mike Crapbag lmao.

How The Avengers: Age of Ultron Should Have Ended – Part Two

I haven’t blogged in a while……due to my lack of motivation, lmao. I actually do have a lot I need to blog about, but I’ve been in this weird funk lately where I’m too tired to even get out of bed. The urge to stay in bed and binge on Netflix has been too strong as of late! Hahaha.

Anyways, I loved HISHE (How It Should Have Ended). I want to try to get into animating like this in the future, but non-animators don’t realize how much is put into these things! The planning, the character parts, the lip-synching, the voices, the script, etc., etc.! Bah! I’m only one person lol. Good on him for his channel!

I love Part Two of this because it has all the references and in-jokes that I thought about when I watched Age of Ultron. I really don’t think Quicksilver is really dead. I’m not sure what to think about Civil War (actually, I’m not sure how I feel about this whole Secret Wars’ destruction of the Marvel Universe either). I think it was silly that Avengers kinda eradicated mutants from their universe…

Still an enjoyable movie,

Reminds me. Look at the LOTR-Marvel crossovers!!!

Hope to restart my blogging bug XD

Ant-Man (2015) Trailer

Whenever I see Paul Rudd, all I can think about is Mike Hannigan from Friends, lol! I know he’s been in plenty of movies and stuff since, but I will always see him as Mike Crapbag Hannigan, hahahaha.

I know people have been saying this is the same old superhero formula over and over again, but I don’t think it can be helped. How many other ways are there to introduce a new superhero? There’s been so many overdone cliches and tropes and themes in the comic books. It’ll show when they’ve all come to the big screen as well.

Anyways, the movie seems entertaining, at the very least. I guess I’m glad that went with Scott Lang. I just really don’t like Hank Pym. Seemed douchey to me. That’s why I never got into reading his stories much. Which is why I never knew that the suit could also control ants? Is that right? What really are Ant-man’s powers?

The train scene at the end with Thomas the Tank Engine was hilarious, lol.

Etsy Find: Marvel Comic Book Dress

My Marvel Comic Dress

Please excuse the mess in the bkgd! (‘>_<) I need to organize XD

So I got this dress a while back and, since it’s getting to be summer con season again, I’m going to be wearing it out soon to cons XDDD. I’m wearing a petticoat underneath in the pic. I don’t think I like it with the petticoat, but it’s an option 🙂 This dress will be good during the hot months XD

It’s from an Etsy store found at this link:

It’s a custom fit so it fits pretty nicely. The store has a bunch of other dresses with different patterns so go check it out if you’d like a geeky dress 🙂

Fantastic Four Trailer (2015)


Okay, I admit it. I get really thrown for a loop when they revamp old cartoons I used to watch as a kid. TMNT for example. I loved the 80s TMNT cartoon. I have the opening theme song on my iPod playing every now and then. And though I found their recent reincarnation in the movie theaters enjoyable, it was still a jarring experience.

Now, Fantastic Four I used to also watch in the 90s. This trailer confused me. Are Sue and Johnny still siblings? Why does everyone look like a teenager? Why was there no space shuttle? What’s Victor Doom’s origin story in this movie-verse? …..Too many questions….

…..*sigh* Okay, we’ll just have to wait and see this August, I guess 🙂