Deadpool Trailer

I don’t know much about Deadpool, but I was very excited to see the trailer go up. I actually wasn’t aware that I had already seen a part of this trailer already a while back. I had thought it was a game trailer. Anyway, I love how crazy Deadpool is. I may not know much about his backstory (except that he has mutant powers derived from other mutants from being in the Weapon X project), but I do like his humor and badassery.

I’m very interested in learning more about Wade’s backstory. I have no idea who that woman he’s with is. I didn’t know he was ill and that was why he went into the project. I do wonder how crazy he will be. I like how he breaks the fourth wall (i.e. talking about the Green Lantern outfit which Ryan Reynolds wore in that movie). Will we hear the voices in his head? Who is that guy who is listing what Wade looks like? What is Colossus doing there? I actually have Lady Deadpool comics, but I’m pretty sure it’s different than the original Deadpool and this movie’s storyline in particular lol.

Either way, I hope this goes well. Esp for Ryan Reynolds. Hopefully, it’s better than Green Lantern. Although! At least that movie wasn’t as bad as some other superhero movies…lol.

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